Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Sometimes i wonder.. why am i not tall?? sighs~~ jus a bit taller.. i will b really contented.~ so many things i wanna do.. so many things i wanna try.. but..

Question markssss.. Low self esteem. Whats e cause? i dunno.. sighs...

Anyway congrat mummy judy!!! hehe. ur little baby is so sweeeeeeet!

here are e photos as i have promised~ =)


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

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E song playing in e background is e above mentioned song. nice beat, introduced by my hairstylist. haha.. ~

Went to MOS yesterday wif e SJAB buds. SO FUN! SO HAPPENING! so long never meet them up. Wooo had a great time wif all of them. Met Sir daniel as well. its been dunno how many yrs since i last saw him when he went to pursue his studies in dunno where. haha. but too bad! was busy gavin fun till i forgotten to take a pic wif him! GRRR ANGRY! nvm time still got chance .!

This entry is gonna be a full load of rubbish pictures. haha..~ =x

We were all so zhi lian loh. wahhahaha..

Before going in........

After a few of this.. we are getting high!!!!! aahhahah

Crazy girls..

Around bout 3 plus, ming came.. a professional photo by him~ haha

Yawns.. Tired bloodshot eyes after a night of clubbin. Think im gettin old! ! shit.!

thats all for now. Thanks girls for e great niteeeeeeeeeee... ~ *_^

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

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Its been a long time since i last updated. haha. as requested from judy mummy to be, let me think back and update a little whats up all these while hehe..

Hmm main event over e past mth, is counter renovation. It has been a really tired and hectic mth for march. very little off days wif long working hrs and many workin days!~but finally e new counter is up.. =) hehe. but i guess hectic mth is gonna start again!! =(

Anyway We had a fashion show for the Singapore fashion festival.. last mth 26th. it was a simply awesome show. e makeup artists from shu are so talented and charming! haha.. But too bad im too far from e stage and dint really get a chance to take photos of those amazin makeup. =(

But lucky.. i managed to take some photos wif my long time no see TSMU MATES!!! so happy to see them loh.. heheh

Hmm..Had some unhappy things that happened few days back.. that is, i cant get off / leave for my birthday this year!! so sad. ~ haiz.. due to some stupid reasons. SIGHS! my leave are cancelled due to promo, and i cant get off on my birthday!! how sad............ SIghs.~

Lucky my TSMU mates gathering today did cheer me up a little for e little down moments these days. hehe.. We had a great dinner at seoul garden then chit chatting session at NYDC~ hehe.. of all, is we had our long dist LAO DA whos back from kuching to join us. hehe.. Miss him so much! cos its been so long i have someone to bully le. wahahha.. =x so bad right.~

Anyway had a gd time wif all of them but too bad not much photos. Only these few... I know della da jie wont be happy about e pic. BUT ~~ its not my fault!!! i asked her to pose.. but she alwaes like to move about. So turn out like this loh!!!


Sweetie wymond and mary~

me and lao da!!

hahaha.. n guess what? all of them gang up to take a ugly picture of me cos they "insist" i like to take ugly pics of them!! but.. it was unintentional!!! hahahhaa.. so in e end ... it turn out like this......

CRAZY WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waahhaha.. so funny...

nvm ... let me get back to my act cute self..


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