Monday, January 29, 2007

[currently feeling: Tired]
[currently playing: Luo Zhi Xiang - Jing Wu Men]

YAWNS! feel so tired after a whole nite of clubbin yesterday wif e e3dogs at MOS! first time go there man. feel so old and sua gu loh!!! Dance abit tired, drink abit seh seh. KNS! haha..but overall its a pretty nice experience since i have not gone clubbin for a VERY VERY LONG time. =) hehe nice way to unwind.. especially wif nice company! =) Below are some of e pics!!! hehe...

Group pic. Short of ming as usual as hes e photographer~<^-^>

Most of e pics from here are pics of me bit seh liao. wahaha face so red loH! hahaha~

Shuhui, Lin and me!

Shuhui and me~

Jingyi, Me and lin~!

Me n Lin

Lin, Me n Ming (the photographer)

CANDID! haha we were flippin e MAXIM Magazine. and guess what!? its e issue MARY makeup for e cover's model issue!!hehe ~see how enjoyin we were? wahhaa~

Anyway i jus registered for e Driving Pract! hehe. so excited! but then.. have to attend all e stupid theories first! so sian.. already passed e basic but yet still have to go for the lessons! =( tmr basic lessons of 2. TIRED!

Nvm. hav to endure!! cos of e LICENSE!!! haha long way to go.. feb is so packed that i cant squeeze any pract lesson in. So shuey! hope i can get more slots for march! ~~

K .. time to rest!! a HAPPY PIC OF MINE~~~ hehe


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Monday, January 22, 2007

[currently feeling: FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
[currently playin: Cao Ge - Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Li Ye]

Haiz.. Lost a new tester today AGAIN!!! TWICE IN A WEEK!!how bad can that be!!!
I really hope e person who steals it will hav rotten hands!!! and make sure she watches it rot SEC BY SEC man!

This type of ppl also have ~ testers oso wan to steal~ how many many many ppl used b4? No money dun use la. use cheaper version la.! why muz retort to stealin and get me into trouble!!

SIAN LA! this week has not been a gd week for me loh! so shuey!!! Went out early wait for bus.. bus came late, make me late oso~ if not, then suddenly expressway heavy rain or PIE JAM JAM JAM, then me ganna late again~ ME ME ME! alwaes ganna shuey things loh. My friend say after all these it will be better~ but i like very shuey for very long le leh........when will good luck befall me?????????

ARRGGHHHH HELP ME MAN!!! sighs.. my mood is getting really bad lately. STRESS STRESS STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Grrrrrrrrr.....

* if u can hear me, pls ans my prayers.. bless me wif good luck........


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Sunday, January 21, 2007

[currently feeling: Sad]
[currently playing: Jaci valasquez - Imagine Me without you]

Current song playin in this blog background is my fav !!!! It jus sounds so nice.~ so soothing..The title of this song is stated on top. Peeps who has e same taste as me.. U may like to DL it? hehe..

"imagine me without you" ~ this sentence sounds so profound. Its like it has so many hidden meanings. haiz. Feelin kinda sad now. i dunno why.. Sumtimes i jus feel like a loner. =( Though i may seem happy on e outside, doesnt mean i really am inside right? =x

Groggy feeling. Think Im drunk (though i did not drink at all) (-_-)~ rubbish talker again i m..

Wait till i have more interestin stuffs about mylife to blog about.~

Till then...............

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

[currently feeling: tired]
[currently playing: Wu Ke Qun - Da She Tou]

Went for a no of gatherings for e past week. first wif lin and qi. hehe went to appollo centre for a KTV session~ its been so long since i last went!! i love KTV!!! hehee but too bad i dint learn any new songs lately. so sing here sing there all old songS!!! think i really getting very outdated. Sigh!

Anyway some rubbish shots. haha

Im so happy to be holding e mic! hahaha

N then.. i sing until.........


Handsome guy!!

Next up gathering will b e one wif e TSMU girls! went to Lau Pat Sat to have our dinner n as usual our tok cock session!!! too bad mummy to be judy never come!! Hey mummy to be judy~ dun alwaes so busy leh! hahahaa...

Some pics

Eh........... whats up wif eve's mouth??????? i think i saw a parot! haha~

Group shots...

Alamak!!! eve cut off her own head..i think i look like some sotong monster here. haa

Hehe good one!!!!

I wanna say 1 more time.. I LOVE L!!! haha.. though e death note craze is more or less over.. i still like e intelligent L! haha


sign off...............a "ZHI LIAN" shot at work! hahaaaaa

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

[currently feeling: sleepy]
[currently playing: Wayne Wonder: Love and Affection]

alot of stuffs happened recently makin me so deprived from sleep~ sighs~
Anyway some random creations. hehe

So tired.. Redo and redo e stocks requisition.. so fed up. Alwaes so many last min thingy.. KNS~ Big organisation.. but lousy mgt. =( Saddened.

Gonna wake up at 6am later on!!! *GOSH*!! what am i still doing????Haiz..

time to sign off. Hope everyone have enjoyed my random creations hehe~~


Act Cool~ wahahaha~

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

[currently feeling: SIAN]
[currently playing: Gia Farrell - Hit me up]

Happy New Year Everyone! Though im abit late in wishin.. but still sincerity counts right? hehe.

Anyway went for e e3dogs gathering on e 1st of Jan at shuhui's condo aganin. hehe very nice catchin up wif e peeps. and great food prepared by our chef lee man. hehe.
After e bbq, we went up to her place and played some games. punishment as usual alcohol and water. but this time round, its not plain water anymore. its sprite n coke! duhz. make me burp dunno how many times man. haha. n only 1 cup of gin tonic made me giddy. damn lousy! haha.

Then went to lin's house e next day to teach n help e girls wif some basic makeup.
Here are some of e pics. hehe..

Hehe e process of makin them up is so hilarious. i laugh until i nearly rowed on e floor. hehe. some makeover pics of "The Sexy Kitty" shuhui! haha. so sexy right.. Wee Weee

Hope all of them like it.! hehe

Anyway after that went to watch Death Note 2!!! WOooo i simply love "L"!!! hes so smart..! though sumtimes he behave like a freak~ but i dunno why.. i jus simply love him! haha e way he take his things. e way he eats his sweets..e way he speaks.. DROOLS. hahahahha

Comic version! So cute!!!

Hehe.. recieved this belated Christmas pressie today!! very nice n cute right! ?MY MELODY!!! Its a coin bank. but.. its so cute that i cannot bear to use it. hehe..
Anyway Thanks KACEY for it.. and ur hubby for sending it down to me and sendin me home!! thanks both! *hugs*


Ok time to go le.. tmr needa work full shift ah! cos Kezu is not feelin well.. OH OH! tiring day tmr.. 12 hours of work. *faintzzzzz*

Sign off~ fatty melon...

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