Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Im back with this new layout.!~ nice ma?? i find it rather cool wor... Unique!!~

Anyway...The weather has been so damn humid and hot recently. Buey da han. . Y singapore dun have a weather like genting!? Hmpm~ hmm thinkin of genting, i feel like going .. haha. But i guess needa save some money first. all my savings already throw in to my course liao. Haiz. muz work harder!!!! got lobangs inform me oh ~ =)

No work these days, so been lazing at home doing nothing. Waiting eagerly for next mth hairstyling class! ~ haha so excited..Anyway the basics of makeup already finished learning. Only tat may need more practice. Hmm .. Anyone need a makeup artist? Can gif me a call. =) Hiak Hiak~

Hmm.. so sianz. all my frens r pretty busy wif their own lives..many r busy wif school projs n preparin for exams lately. So no one is free to acc me. ~ tok to me, go shop shop wif me, go out wif me. Sighs.
Hey all, when u all free muz jio me out go shopping or ktv leh. haha i miss KTV!! wooo hooo... =p

Anyway today got a really strange encounter. A black cat came into my house n sit on e sofa without anione realising it!!!!can u imagine? I know it only until my sis shouted "got meow!got meow!" DUHz. i still thought it was at e door, tryin to tip toe there so tat i can close it before it comes in, but never did i know that its already sitting on e sofa comfortbly n stretching itself when it saw us!! DUHZ! lucky bro was at home to carry it down to e void deck.. wat an encounter!!! SO WIERD!!!

Hmm nvm bout e cat.. here r a few pics of my pretty classmates! hehe~~

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Dint sleep well these few days. Dunno y.. Neck has been achin..body oso achin..legs aching..M i getting old? Haha. I guess so. Anyway.. not much stuffs to update for the recent week..

Mayb.. perhaps.. only my makeup course ba. haha. Asked qi to be my model for eyebrow lesson on mon, n guess wat? we were supposed to help trim, pluck, cut our model's eyebrow.. watever it is.. we jus have to make sure e eyebrow has a nice shape, neat and tidy. at first i was tremblin man. cos i never pluck anyone eyebrow before except my own. So afraid tat it might cause pain to my long time fren. haha. But im so lucky loh. cos qi really is so brave! she tahan all e pain throughout. never even complain!! really thank her so much for her courage to b my model. haha.. lucky end of lesson she got a really nice brow. trim by me.. n corrected by my teacher.! hehe~ i think i only pluck abit nia la.. cos im scare tat i will ruin her brows . LOL~

After that, e second part of e lesson is to do a full face makeup. hehe.. qi actually missed her lecture jus to let me practice on her. * so touch*~ hehe lucky i dint make e whole makeup a mess. haha only tat took quite long to complete e whole look. LOL. But lucky.. qi is not a picky customer. hehe.. ~she actually went home wif e makeup oh!! heee.. =p so sweet

Anyway, my makeup kit is really gettin heavier. can u imagine.. i carry 4 kg of stuffs for every class?? haha. my hands r breakin man. Cant imagine those little things can actually weigh so much!! haha.. Proudly present pics of my makeup kit + 30 colours eyeshadows.~ LOL

Guess thats all for now.~

Anyone wanna let me practice.. let me noe hor.. my skills still sucks.. need lots of practise!!! LOL~

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Pretty busy for this past week. My course has started, n its so fun~ i enjoyed every min n of it, n hopin for more. LOL. Many stuffs has been taught in class, not only makeup but oso life philosophies as well..Peter angel was a very experienced and funny teacher though sumtimes bit hmm.. sacarstic. LOL. but as he said on e very first day of class, we have to take all sorts of comments if u wanna b in e line. =) which is what i felt is very very true. One muz alwaes hav a very open mind no matter where is it."Live everyday like u r in heaven" hehe. =) ~Wats past is past. Tmr will b a brand new gd day~ =)

Anyway jus participated in e Career Fair last weeekend. It was so damn pack~ haha was actually in charged of a personality test booth n in e end act like a teacher. ~haha tellin everyone of them what to do n stuffs. Guess wat, even got 1 manager came up to me n my colleague to ask whether we hav anyone interested to b her admin asst. LOL~ met some pretty wierd ppl oso. ~ i guess many ppl r actually desperate for a job. e ppl lookin for a job, was so damn many loh. Got one uncle even told me, "its not a gd sign isnt it??" haha~ wierd pek pek.. but still hope those ppl can find a job real soon. Can understand e feelin of idlin doing nothing.~

Hmm actually went to DXO last mth wif lin and her frens. Its a uni get together sort of party. Lin got e tix at $10 n asked me to go. haha find it pretty interestin so i went. but bit ps .. cos most ppl there were from uni.. So sad. im jus a poly not a successful one. haha. Sia shuey sia.~ Aniwae drank a mixture of alcohol there, got voka lime, voka coke, even drink beer. LOL. So funny.. even lin oso order beer leh. mai siao siao. But frankly speakin, i find its taste nicer than e rest~ haha ~ We left around 11 plus. My liquor power really like shit. drink abit nia ..feel bit dizzy. LOL..

Pic of "red face" me n Lin. lol

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