Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Woo..Went to watch "The Pink Panther" last Sat~ n definately its a highly recommended show!!! hehe~ its so funny that i laughed like a mad woman. LOL. Plus e plot is actually quite interesting. Anyone feeling stressed? Sad? go catch it n gif it a laugh! hehe 5/5 stars!! The next one i will b catching will be the "Final Destination 3"!! Woo Hoo.. have been waiting for so long ~ finally it will b out this thurs!!!~

Anyway today is e first day of my course!!!!!!!! Happy.. ~finally after a long long wait.. Hehe..Basically today is jus an orientation session, so not much teaching involve la. Got our basic makeup materials and brush set.. ~Now then i know a gd brush is made up of Sable Hair and Sable is actually an animal which look like squirrel. Hee ~ their brushes are actually very ex~ cos its really very soft~

A little tip : Choose brushes that are made up of either Sable, Squirrel, Pony or Goat Hair. They are of more superior standards ~ will b abit ex la but can last very long if u maintain it well.~

Ok heres my set.. hehe nice n pro ma?!?!? i love it so much!!! =) Whahaha

Hmm the actual lesson will only start officially next week. ~hope everything will go on smoothly n i can successfully pass e course wif flying colours~hehe..

A pic of a future makeup artist?! haha~ still too early to say ... /me prays~~~

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Saw this link in Jac's blog. Find it rather interesting. Hehe~

Free anyone??? Click this yea? =)


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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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I think my sleepin habit has gone back to e poly times.. haha thought my almost 1 yr wif DBS actually cultivate me to have sleep early, wake up early habit but i unexpectedly change it back within 2 weeks. LOL. I cant sleep unless its past 3am. Scary. I wonder wat can i do? Back to gaming life? haha.. Maple, Dota, o2jam? hmm.. i think i should think of a way to pass time.. hiak~

Anyway slacking at home too much really make me feel so useless. DUHZ. class only starts next tues. So still got 1 more week to rest~ Hmm...

Went to do a temp job today.. Haha.. cant imagine i have to face 166 feets!!! LOL. Big, Small, Fat, smelly, dirty, well pedicured, neat, clean.. i have seen it all..Muz be wondering wat kinda job right? Foot massager? LOL.~i dun have that capability~ its actually a Bone scan thingy~

Anlene actually conducts bone scans for some companies and today i went to help out wif 1. Its actaully pretty simple and the machine simply looks like n feels like a Osim Isqueeze, all that has to be done is put e right feet into e machine and once e feet is adjusted to e correct level, i will press e settings, then e machine will start to work and finally e bone density results will b shown. Can check whether e bone layer is thinnin and also a nurse is oso there to analyse e results. tell u about how much calcium u need, n stuffs. See how fortunate sum companies staffs are. hiak~~

Been sitting at e same place, same position for almost 5 hrs non stop. haha even go toilet oso got to tell e staffs wait a while. Cos e queue was really too long liao. if i were to tahan till all of them finished, i think i would have created a fountain there. LOL. jus imagine.. 166 FEETS!!! LOL

But still its consider quite a gd experience.. cos i have never tried this before. Too bad its a sumtimes have sumtimes dun have job~ needa wait for call again. haha

The rotting beginssssssssssssssssssss....................

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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My goodness, im sick again. SIGHSS~

Fever, giddy, diarrhoea, nauseous, restless.. watever u name it, i have it. SIghs. Been like this after e Fish & Co dinner on sat's nite wif the e3 dogs. Sighs. =( Wonder is it cos the food over there isnt fresh. DUHz e thought of tat platter for 2, i feel like vomittin again.. *GRRR~ 3 days straight like this is so terrible.. Sighs. been lyin on e bed n not going anywhere feels bad~ =( I wanna get well soon! i hate e feeling of being sick! =(

Hmm anyway, enough bout my illness~ some recently updates.~

Went for my poly class gathering last friday..Was actaully intending to go Swenson, but cos of the Chingay, many parts of orchard was blocked and so we went to long john silver in cine instead..not many ppl turn up though n half of them was late actually. ~But still, it was quite a fun get together as i have not seen all of them for almost 1 n a half yrs!! hehe~ most of them have not changed, n as usual, when e guys meet up, they tok about army. So.. not much common topicS. hehe~ but aniwae still, it was nice jus meeting them~ =) Left about 9 plus as wen says shes very tired. was intending to stay longer as dint really get to tok e guys, but as i think, i oso dunno wat to say. Met him n we dint even exchange glances. I looked at him a few times, n he dint even smiled at me. ~hmm.. nvm~ guess it may b a gd idea that i have left earlier, as least everyone may feel more at ease.But still, really hope to hold a gathering soon again. Mayb a BBq or sumthing~ but.. hmm army guys. Where got time? haiz~ ~

Aside from the poly class gathering, i had another gathering at marriot hotel on
sat wif my sec school peeps.~stayed there played poker, games and tok till about 6 plus then rest a while.. lost $18~ tat stupid vin was e main winner sia. won from everyone of us, imagine "ban lak n ban Ban" almost 3,4 times n he was e banker?! cant imagine his luck is tat gd!! haha~ But guess this yr is not a very gd yr for me. Things hasnt been very smooth~

Let me jus pray things will get better!!
My eyes looks so sick.. i look so restless... =( so ugly...........! sighs~

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

[currently feeling: stony]

A newest pic of myself taken during chinese new yr~

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How hav new year been for everyone? for me, its jus like any other normal day..

New year is not wat it used to be when i was young. How nice if i can alwaes remain a child? no worries..carefree everyday and everything is well taken care of~

Anyway i have already served my last day of notice last sat. Cant really bear to leave the colleagues actually cos some of them r really nice ppl~but i guess its time for me to move on to my interest? haha. Wonder how would life be after e course.. but no matter wat, i will jus gif it my best shot. =)

Life without work is slack. slack till i really dunno wat to do. Humans .. alwaes wanting sumthing that they do not have. and when they finally got it, they dun cherish it. Wierd.. so wierd..

i look through many of e past. photos, emails, sms, notes, stuffs. How fast has time passed ~ e things i used to have. e times we used to spend. its all in e past. I often dun like to be alone cos when im alone, i think of stupid things and do wierd stuffs. ~ y m i such a deep thinker? i often think to myself..

sumtimes i really hope to step into ppl's mind so that i can know wat they r really thinkin n feeling. why muz we act as if nothing happens when its actually very painful in our heart?

Theres so many things in my mind.. left unspoken, left unknown..

Everyone is busy wif their own life. .what about me?

i miss everything.. i really do....

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