Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Hmm.. been some time since i blogged. Yawns.. feel so sleepy~

Life been pretty much e same. Boring. Dull. Yawns. Y is it so difficult to do, get something one likes~? Sighss..

I dunno how to handle my life..haiz work sucks. everyday see those ppl who thinks tat they r e richest in e world stuck up, *uck up look. one fine day i will really punch them straight in e face n tell them to *uck off. LOL. so violent. Imagine some rich ppl can argue wif u for 1 whole hr, just to ask u to waive away small tiny amount of charges. Scold u out loud for sumthing tat is not done by u, criticise how incompetent u r when its e bank's regulations..n e whole of bankin hall ppl lookin at u like u r a foolish idiot. Hmm.. worst of all, when u need help and there is no one to turn to? stupid~ haiz. this kinda life is so yucks.

But ren zai jiang hu shen bu you ji. can jus dread my feet to work everyday loh. work for e sake of work.most impt no work no $$$. how can!? haha~ haiz work load will b gettin heavier. ppl in my team all getting pregnant. pregnant season. haha n tat means not more work. be it paper work, or manual work. Yawns. Super sianz. even colleagues who can tok to one all leavin, resign one resign.. transfer one transfer. haiz.~

i hate workin life. how i missed e gd old days of school......................................................

Good old memories..

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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haha since when im so patrotic? LOL.. i dunno. Jus wanna wish singapore happy birthday before its ends. hehe. Hope singapore will be forever peaceful.. better economy. everyone got $$$.. LOL.
thats about all for now. haha..

Aniwae today went shopping wif bee. Hehe bought 3 tops from Fox~ they havin 50% off wor.!! worth it..! hehe Walk until legs so tired.. =x long long time no go shopping until so havock liao. LOL

Sum new pics..

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NiteZz peeps!!!

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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ARRGGHH!! going crazy! =( i feel so terrible.. /me crys. Just vomitted. Having a fever. Tummy Pain. Body weak. Headache. All at one shot. =( condition is gettin worst. I had no appetite to eat, finally got to squeeze sum porridge in, n had my med, i vomited everything out.

*how gross*

Sighs~ I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

*feel so dead*

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Monday, August 01, 2005

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Some new pics. Ugly me. PukeS.

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Sighs. I feel terrible. My tummy has had this cramp since yesterdae night. Been curling up while sleeping. Had diarrhoea this morning n dint went for work today cos im really feeling too weak n sick to go. Went to a doctor today, detected food poisoning. =( Sad. i m so so weak!!! dunno wat i eat oso. haha. rubbish bin like me jus chuck anithing edible into my mouth. n now? suffering time! LOL

Jus pop e many many pills.. yucks! i hate medicine~ got 2 days MC. tmr will b staying at home too. wondering whether e manager will complain im weak when i get back not. Haiz sumtimes very sick of those sarcastic remarks. Its not as if i wan right?? though sumtimes i really dread going to work.. but who wans this sufferings~? Blah~

HmMmm.. So sianz. computer very laggy.. wondering wats wrong. Lazy to format oso. Hdd runnin out of space... DUHZ computer stuffs. i hate it. haha jus how miracle that i can survive 3 yrs of computer n networking diploma course. "laughs"

Time to rest.. nitezZzz peeps..

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