Monday, May 09, 2005

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[currently playing: Vonda Shepard - Baby, Dont you break my heart]

Sumtimes i just come there are so many disappointments in life..
Life sumtimes really know how to play ppl. Sighs. .

Feeling rather emotional down. Lots of stuffs in my mind. but i just dunno wat n how to think. Dint sleep e whole of yesterdae night.. Look like a big puffy panda today..

it alwaes happens one after another..

All taken away..leaving all e hurt and pain..

Hope things will just get better for me. .

Thanks bee for alwaes being there for me during my darkest moments. .

Lets just wish a sleepless night not. .

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Name:Si Yun
Birthday:6th June

I love lollipops. :D