Monday, February 28, 2005

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Hi There! its me again!


Slept bout 2+am last nite..n woke up bout 10am today..sighs. dint sleep well. dunno sianz.. been having wierd dreams.. wonder when can i have a gd nite sleep.

Aniwae today slacking at home.. one day rest before starting my new job tmr. feel like getting a new working bag. but lazy to get out of my house. haha. Wardrobe in a great mess but lazy to clean it up too.. arent i a lazy bum? hmmm too bad.. im born like that! haha =p

Hmm been surfing around e net today.. saw some pretty nice accessories! but too bad they r in UK. wonder do singapore have them as well. but i guess even if they have, it muz be extremely ex too.. sighs~ no choice. see no touch! LOL.

here r e pics.. take a looks peeps!

SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Friday marks e last day in Avantus..

Finally.. im out of that place..but..i still miss the colleagues over there..sighs..been working there for 7 mths + there..some colleagues has been especially helpful n gd to me..lets jus hope my new working environment will be like this too...

Aniwae they prepared a farewell gift for me.. A gold sweet eh? Also..some of us went to seoul garden for my farewell dinner..ate alot.. sighs getting sad...=)btw..we took loads of photos.. already loaded them in [ Photos ] hehe..feel free to take a look~ but mostly are very bo liaoZzz pics la.haha..

Will be starting my new job on tues.. wonder hows everything like..lets jus hope i can get a better boss..haiz.. wish me luck ppl! haha..

Hmm.. been thinkin bout some stuffs recently.. sad.. n the feeling is really terrible.. i wonder if telepathy really exist.. can e person feel e way u feel? Aniwae.. enough said..

Take care peeps!!!!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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New pics!

Can u imagine e girl in e picture who seems so happy is crying?

Sighs..this 2 weeks have been horrible for me. The pain, hurt and insults is too much for me to take. I hate tat bitch..I hate the way it is now. i really hate it. i hope i can find a place to hide.. a place far away from everyone.. so that i can avoid all e stares..e voices.. that causes so much pain in me..every min is an extra pain for me..

Today is e worst day of all.. treated like a dog after giving my very best for e past 7 mths.. all my hardwork..all my efforts jus gone down e drain like nobody's business..I was treated like a treasure when wynn left.. but now im jus a worthless, useless piece of shit.. i have no more use.. no more value.. and tats how ppl dump n kick aside ppl who no longer serve animore purpose...

I have been hearing praises, compliments of her..her n her.. wat bout me? have anione think of my feelings? its not becos im jealous of wat..cos i dun even bother about all these little jeaousy..but am i dead? or do i seem dead? im not even gone and everyone starts treating me like a stranger. tats how working life works i understand. but this time its really too harsh for me to take.

The feeling is horrible..really horrible..

i alwaes get nothing after giving all i can..why?why am i alwaes treated like a piece of shit? whenever i can help.. i help.. i do all i can to make everyone work easier..n now im kick aside n not even a single bit of appreciation... =( i jus feel so be manipulate by ppl over n over again..

I guess i will soon be forgotten by will be soon no one even remembers me..thats how cruel life can be...

I feel like shutting myself up..far away from e crowd...

Take away e pain.. please...

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

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Recently ppl has been askin me why i suddenly become so weak. Jus had a long fever not long ago.. which is bout last month.. then after effect of flu and cough.. n cough that has already lasted for 2 weeks and is getting from bad to worst.. summore wat make it even jia lat is i nose bleed today... lots n lots of blood. haha really scare e hell out of my collegues.. muahahahha my farewell gift to them LOL =p

Aniwae think gonna go see doc tmr le. cannot carry on like this. Si bei sianz. at night cant sleep.cos of e sickenin cough..SIGHS~ lets jus hope i can really recover soon. DUHZ. im so sick of being sick! =(

So next fri will be my last day le. And today e new girl came. Its obvious, tat bitch dun wan e new girl to get near me. mayb shes scare... i dunno y.. perhaps scare i will pollute n influence e new girl to go against her?! haha. damn fed up today.. ganna many scoldings. feel like giving each of them a hard punch on e face
~ Sianz. im here to earn a living.. not owe them a living. KNS. One day i will really smack e hell out of them. *Jus dun make me angry* LOL fierce ah!?

* yawns... tmr gotta go get some formal clothin for work for e week after next. So nervous. wonder how will everything be like. Will it better!?

i jus hope for e best.....

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Defination of memories:

- The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.
- The act or an instance of remembering; recollection: spent the afternoon lost in memory.
- All that a person can remember: It hasn't happened in my memory.
Something remembered: pleasant childhood memories.
- The fact of being remembered; remembrance: dedicated to their parents' memory.
- The period of time covered by the remembrance or recollection of a person or group of persons: within the memory of humankind.

Places, swimming pool, eating spots, the sea, a certain chair at a certain place, some rocks, some isolated spots, the staircase, the photo frame, the photos, the beanie, the phone, the hp accessory, e perfume, the top, the bracelet, the figurines, the clock, the candles, the flowers, e hp holder, the specs, the bag, the wallet, the watch, the beads, the card, the jigsaw... there are so many things to rem about..

Humans are full of memories.. and once sumthing happened, it will be in their mind all e way.. some memories are meant to be kept.. be it happy or sad.. they all are unqiue and special in their own way..

im a very sentimental girl.. n i tend to think bout things alot..

I dunno how to let go.. when there is really a need to.. i tend to regret..often it becomes too late.. i think.. i miss.. i regret.. but still, life still goes on..ppl alwaes say cherish sumthing b4 they r gone.. always try.. never say die.. but how many ppl can actaully do it? how many ppl can pursue wat they really want and need in life? certain times ppl jus choose to let go.. of their dreams..of their loves.. to even forget everything tat has happen.. but are they really gone? are they really out of their mind? each n every one has memories.. u cant take it away no matter wat..

i guess.. i can jus treat everything as a beautiful dream.......

A dream to be kept.. deep inside my heart.......

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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So its e 4th day of new yr..and holiday is soon over!1 more day to seeing that BITCH! DUHZ sianzzz..

Weather is very very hot and humid recently..buey da han..everydae i sure sweat like hell..sometimes really wish got mobile air con. LOL =x *DREAMING*

Aniwae went house visiting today. Woke up rather early for this event. Haha.. bout 9++am set off to the first stop, which is Yanying house. stayed for bout 1 hr then proceed on to bee's house and stayed for bout 1 hr oso then went to Yanling's house. Had our lunch over there and stayed there till bout 2-3 plus.Haha played poker at her house and lost bout $4++ LOL.luck hasnt been gd lately..think not suitable for gambling.LOL =p Hmm after Yanling house, proceed to a fren house whos intro by my colleague.. which is at Tampines! ~ nothing much over there .. played wif her 2 kids and tok crap till bout 8+pm then proceed home le..

Aniwae Valentine's day is jus round e corner.. wish all couples, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Stay together loving and sweet 4eva~ hehe~

So tired.. and feel so bad..
Been coughing like mad dog these few days.. n now "SHI SHENG" haha.. is lost voice ah.. see carefully.LOL
Sianz sia.. now really cannot hear wat e hell i tokin..becos really not much voice left liao. U all muz b laughin eh. siyun cannot tok.. sure very funny one.LOL =p

Hope can get well.. cannot tok really is very SIANZ...
I wan my voice back!!!!!!!! Grrrrr

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Friday, February 11, 2005

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*Yawns. So fast today fri le.2 more days n will start work liao. DUHZ hate seeing e bitchy face of that stupid sucky manager!Backstabber! *PUI*~ Wasted my 7 mths working for sumone dun even noe wat i have been doing for e company and who dun appreciate me. SIGHS~ jus my luck!~

Aniwae chinese new yr is jus another usual day for me.. Things hasnt been really smooth sailing for me. Lots of problems and worries.. Sighs~ jus hope everything will be fine very soon..

Hmm aniwae have a link over here which u can check ur zodiac~ Do check it out when ya free to check out ur luck this yr. Really hope the prediction for Rats will be accurate.. *hur*hur* =p

I guess nothing much up for now. Ciao~

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

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Yawns..tired.. recently dunno y alwaes very sleepy.. *YAWNS* haha

Aniwae.. one gd news.. i have been officially employed to be DBS relationship officer...haha.. nice title isnt it? But so sad cos e workin location will be at balestier..So damn far!was actually thinkin tat its too far.. but e manager who interviewed me told me i should not be allowing distance n time to be a burden to me in learning..and exposing myself more to new stuffs. Ya wat she say is true.. thus i decided to take up this challenge..

Basically i will b starting work on e 1st day of march and working hrs is really early.. 8.10am - 5pm and sat 8.30 - 1pm.if got roadshows got to participate lots of training and sales briefing. aniwae its a customer service + sales job to make it simple. haha. Wonder whether can i make it anot. So early.. so far.. and im expected to noe everythin.n there will be a 2 weeks training at Tampines!haha wat e hell.. i alwaes get so far away places from my home.haha m i shuey?DUHZ.. things r definately not gonna be easy.

But this is actually a gd chance for me to proceed to a higher stage of my career?better prospect i would to e current one..

sighs tender my resignation letter today. Manager jus say ok. n dint say anithing le. Can see how dispensable i am..did so much for them n yet i dun deserve anithing.. wat a sad n pathetic case..Haiz.. but colleagues hav been helpful n encouraging. im sure to miss them so much after i left~ *SOBS* lets jus hope i wont disappoint anione~

**streSsSss + scare + worried**

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Name:Si Yun
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I love lollipops. :D