Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Woo.. hasnt been updating lately cos of my work.. sighs~ life is bz..hectic..stress and blur these days..theres alwaes so much things to do at work.. n usually OT..till i finish my work then i can go home.. dead tired everydae after work..haha.. basically everyday before 11.30pm sleep liao..then next day 6.30am wake up.. then report work at 8.30am.. BZ..BZ..BZ.. off work at bout 6.30pm.. go home sleep again..each day jus passed in a blink of an eye... n haha tats how my day goes for e past 1

Life as an adult is so diff.. working in this company at this particular location make me realise tat i hav grown up.. can no longer b like a baby..everything is so hectic in raffles.. ppl everywhere.. alwaes seem so messy..i miss my studen life... sighs

But overall e company im in is not too bad.. colleagues r friendly, funny and helpful..they taught me many many things.. in there, i experience alot.. n noe more bout company but nvm its none of my shoo..haha..hmm..only thing bad bout this job is got to OT loh..many stuffs to do.. if not.. all should b fine..

Aniwae today is Qi's bd!! hehe here i wish Qi a "HAPPY BIRTHDAE" once again!went to clementi party world to sing ktv wif qi, lin, Jac, ru, Kheng. Sang like a mad dog as
enjoyed myself alot singing n toking to e girls.. hehee miss those gd old times... sighs~

Dear book in today..sighs..gonna wait another 5 days again before i can see him ~y army cannot come out everydae.. if can then gd sia!!lol.. eh i muz b dreaming.. hmmm feeling rather tired.. dint sleep well these days.. Shag.. gonna rest soon...

Take care peeps.. n hope everyone is doing fine!!!

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Monday, July 19, 2004

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Wow.. im so dead tired...first day of work is tiring..!! =( woke up at 6.30am today..perhaps too long never wake up before e sun le.. so very unused to it!haha.. got to try to adjust le sia.. feeling very sleepy during work today.. n from wat i see.. things r like never able to finish kind.. so damn BZ!!! =( dun think will b able to knock off on time de.. so sad..knock of at 5.45 instead of 5.30 today..but this is consider an early time cos i noe nothing much yet.. if i noe more.. i think it wont b so early.. cos i got to finish my work before i can leave.. sianz OT but no OT pay leh...but haiz nvm..this is still ok.. jus hope i can get away earlier or on time on sat.. dun wan my work to lessen my time wif my dear.. *haiz*
Aniwae been assisting my new colleague today.. did nothing much.. only making of certificates of course completing students, filing, arrange course materials, n some chapanlang duties..hmm been intro to colleagues in e company~ e company got so many ppl! sighs.. i guess i have forgotten half of their names le.. haha.. brain too long never use.. now rusty le..but aniwae they r really friendly its still ok cos they lead me n encouarge me...
During lunch time, raffles place was havock sia.. lol.. ppl ppl sianz..hmm lucky my new colleague acc me to eat.. if not sure bored like hell to squeeze everwhere round raffles place!
Hmm.. im so so so sleepy now.. gonna sleep after toking to my dear later.. buey da han sia..eyes r closing..sianz.. im so lousy!gonna train waking up early after 2 mths if 4am sleep time.. lol.. haha.. if not.. got to drunk myself using e coffee available at e pantry area le..whahaha..
*yawns* time to sign off... take care peeps... 

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

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Wow.. how time flies.. tmr im gonna start work le!!! *gosh* hmm counting back, i have been slacking for bout 2 mths!!whahahaha buey da han.. im really a slacker spent my passed weeks meeting up wif many frens, some even many yrs never see one.. hehe..glad..
Aniwae..hmm dear book in le.. *sad* time wif him is alwaes SO DAMN FAST! =( *missing him**duhz* hmm went Bedok swimming wif him yesterdae..haha weigh myself using e weighing machine over there~ i have drop 2 kg!!!woot.. im so happy..haha hope i dun gain it back! but eh.. i think this is a sooner or later matter after swimming, we went bedok block 85 eat fried oysters, Ba zhuo mee n stingray~ *yummy*haha thinking bout it.. im drooling again! lol.. i super love their ba zhuo mee sia! its really delicious...hehe~ im e glutton queen!
Eh.. then today went to suntec shop shop...bought a pair of heels from charles n keith..specially prepared for tmr..haha cos my old heels is giving my feet whole damn lot of blisters!!its hurts!!!!! /me crys!!! n oso went to mango.. saw a toga not bad wor.. then dear bought it for me..haha~ aniwae Mango now having a sale up to 70% wor..can go see see if theres anything tat catch ur eye loh..hehe.. mayb suntec one is more organise n neater.. i find it nicer to shop there compare to wisma..which is fully pack wif ppl.. n alwaes out of sizes.. lol.. =x
Hmm tats all for e past days.. hehe below r e pics i took wif wanxuan on thurs.. hehe..forget host them up together wif her pics.. haha but nvm.. here it is!!!!!



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Saturday, July 17, 2004

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Woo.. im feeling so damn tired.. *yawns* slept at 6.30am in e morning yesterdae..whahaha power hor..? went over to lin's house wif qi gb, play majong, tok cock then dunno how 6.30am e whole day playing wif her sis n taking her pics too..wahhahah here is e pics!! shes so cute!!! such a sweet little princess!!!!

Hmm.. aniwae wake up at bout 12pm++ then went PS do facial at jean yip..cos got a $100 voucher from e tv show "mei li bai fen bai" lol..took part in e sms contest n miracally won e voucher..wahhaah dun wanna waste it so use it for facial loh lol!! aniwae e facial cost $90!so damn ex..facials is only for tai tais sia.. i dun think i got e money to go everytime..haha if not for e free voucher i dun think i can go =x  aniwae its damn pain loh!! squeeze all e blackheads till my tears rolling n rolling in my eyes man!! scary!!!!but now face smoother le..wahhaha but still bit red red... sandals more sandals wear n thus i wore my a whole feet of blisters!im so damn clumsy n lousy sia..wear a while of heels like tat..wahhahaa DUHZ! then so after e facial went Far east Swank to buy a pair of sandals..was intending to buy back e same design..cos i really like it alot..but no more le!! =( so bo bian loh bought another pair..
After tat hurriedly rush to Lot 1 to meet bee n june le..cos we agree to watch a movie together..hehe in e end we decided to watch "Brotherhood"!!woot its so damn nice!so sad..!worth watching loh.. so can catch it when u free!!!ehehe its actually a war show featuring 2 brothers who r very close to each other n e elder 1 dotes on e younger 1 very much..even to die in order to let him live.. fast its already sat!! wahahhaha.. meeting my dear later in e early afternoon.!!woot.. *happy* aniwae heard from him tat Tekong yesterdae got a guy ganna heart virus..!!!then at night got helicopter come took e man to hospital!so sudden sia!morning do exercise feel unwell, ate medicine, at night sleep then motionless!!then his buddy call e higher ranks officers..n tat guy is sent to hospital..wonder how is he now.. scary!!!!
Eh.. my entry today abit very long..wahahaha think by e time u read here sure very sleepy la.. stop my crap take care lots peep!!!!! ciao!!!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

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Went Orchard today wif bee bee.. ate at e Orchard "Da Pai Dang" ~damn man its really alot of ppl queuing at e oyster n cha kuey tiao.. buey da han!!e queue was like.. never sianz.. actually was intending to eat tat..but e queue makes me ZZZZ.. n thus bee n me had pratas for had 2 cheese 1s n she had 1 egg n 1 plain. eh.. not too bad la.. worth eating..haha =p

Woot.. been winning for e past 2 days for GB ~ so happy.. HUAT AH! wahahaha~ aniwae *sighs* sleeping late lately.. n dear is not very happy bout it.. cos he noes i will be having headaches when i dun have enough sleep..n this will b wat happenes next week when my work starts.. haiZzz.. but i jus couldnt sleep early.. *sighs* wat to do.. i noe u care my dear.. but.. haiz.. i will try my best!!

Even though theres nothing for me to do.. i will still soh e time away..surfing...checking mails..friendster..duhz.. im so crappy.. lol~ aniwae got a dragon for Gb jus now! so damn heng! hehe here is e pic!!!

Gonna go lin's house overnight tmr!haha so happy~ can tok cock..n play majong through e nite..wahahahhaa..

ehh tats all for now!!! ciao!!~ NITEzzz peeps!!!!

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Monday, July 12, 2004

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Hmm jus bathed, back from e airport.. Me, Jac, Qi, Ru & Xin Yun went to send Alicia off today~she is going Aus to study..Woot.. many ppl went to sent her relatives, cousins, poly frens, bf, and us Sjab buds..hehe.. dint really get to tok to her much..cos there r many ppl there..saw tears in her eyes..*sighs* muz b feeling really "she bu de" but aniwae at least gd to hav her parents acc her for bout 3 weeks there =) hope she can get use to e life over there..

After tat, me n qi went to Bk to get a Taro Pie..cos was feeling damn hungry lol~ hmm.. then proceed to lot 1 for our dinner. Ate Long John Sliver. Haha its been a damn long time since i last ate.. eh.. got 1 yr anot? haha i forgotten le..

We stayed in long john for bout 2 hrs plus.. toking crap like wat our palm says bout our lives, how our husbands to be will b like, Ru ru Sexy cherry lips, Jac cherry sexy godness (oops =x im not suppose to mention it here!!im sure she will kill me when she sees this!) haha! =x oops.. then as usual snapping each other pics n laughing like a mad had lots of fun chatting wif e girls~

Hmm Next week starting work le..feeling rather nervous, n restless. used to e kinda lazy lifestyle. Im so scare i cant get use to it..*sighs* hope i can make it..haha

Eh eh.. tats all for now.. take care peeps!!!

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Hmm.. it has been a fast weekend for me..*blink*blink* n its already 2 days gone~ *Sighs* dear has gone back to camp as sad..*haiz*~ how i wish we can have more days together..

aniwae went to lot 1 on saturday wif ru ru n jac to shop shop around for Alicia's farewell present..after tat walk around lot 1 ~haha i guess i have been to lot 1 bout 5 times this week! lol~

Hmm tmr Alicia is going to Australia for study fast!!N some of us will b there to see her off..hope tmr will not be a teary trip..

Nothing much up these days.. hehe took a pic of dear's bro beanie wif my specs.. haha so cute.. like a doctor sia~ lol~ eh doggy doc ok!? mai siao siao~ hahahaha.. i love beanies!!they r so soft n cute! huggable beanies!!!! hehee many places selling $7.90 wor.. haha worth buying.. =p i already bought 1 dolphin 1 for dear.. haha so hurry go buy 1 for ur sweet 1 ! lol~

Hehe this is Doc Doggy lee

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

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Woot.. done a little quiz oh~ here is e results.. haha true anot ah? i not too sure leh.. think bout 70++++ % ba~ lol~eh my quiz pic hor abit obscene~ haha thus i remove it le!lol...

LOVING ONE. You need safety in your relationship.
You want to be sure in his/her arms, knowing
that he will protect you and you can be totally
devoted to your other. At this point you are
very vulnerable. You open yourself and dont
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totally trust your partner in every single way.
SO if you find out that she/he lied to you or
played a game this trust is broken. You may try
to forgive your other but this will be very
difficult.He/She has to be friendly and
PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what you think about my
quiz, I worked hard on it.
You can always message me or tell me how I can
improve that quiz. Ill sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla

eh eh.. got to go le oh~ciao~ take care peeps~!

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Friday, July 09, 2004

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Hmm.. its sat today~ *sighs* couldnt meet dear today as its his mum bd~ got to celebrate wif her.. as its a family day for them~ *sighs* i should b understanding..but.. i jus feel sad..cos i cant get to see him..n..haiz..nvm~
*missing him*

Aniwae went bugis wif qi n lin jus now..went to eat Mos burger, after tat went to Si Ma Lu to pray.. n went shopping after tat~ haha today finally got shou huo le!haha.. bought a pair of black covered shoes for graduation, a pair of black pants n a floral skirt. woot.. spend quite alot today sia~but bo bianz ~gonna change my style of dressing cos will b working soon.. n its requires lots of smart casual clothes~

Hmm after tat went lin's house~cos she got to b home early to take care of her little sis cos her mum will b out for some RC meeting..hee little wanxuan is so cute!! jus cant get enough of her smile~!it really brightens up my day ~ hehe..sweet lil princess.. i love her so much!!hehe.. especially when she say " mao mao" !!hahaha which means hairy hairy..hahaha~ eh.. dun think wai wai~its her little soft toy mao mao!!lol.. tats her toy name~ haha so cute!!!!

eh took some pics of her again today!! here r they..!!!!isnt she sweet!!!!??

N this is Me n Qi, taken in e mrt! hahaha~ Lin never take cos she feel so sleepy~hahaha

Hmm tats all for my day le.. =) hehe should b playing gb soon~ hahaha.. take care peeps!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

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*sighs* feeling damn damn low now.. have said some rather hurtful stuffs to dear jus now..i feel so regretful! *duhz* wonder wats got into me sia..sighs.. but i dun deny i really miss him.. n hope he can pass his IPPT n come out acc me. =( *sighs* mayb i expected jus too much.. so long he tried his best.. i should have appreciated it!!isnt it? *duhz* i feel like a sinner... so so not understanding! **GRRR** *slaps* i miss dear so much!!!!! going crazy! duhz~

Dumbo yun!!sighs~ aniwae so damn bo liaoz.. dunno wat to do sia..played Gb jus now.. kept on concentration at all..duhz..

Aniwae did some quizzes jus now.. here r e results.. got time u guys can try it out too!haha but dun think anione is as bo liao as me ba..haha cos everyone seems bz


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Monday, July 05, 2004

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Eh.. jus finished editing e pics took today wif e Sjab girls..

hehe went Jurong pt Value wif bee today..looking for Thank You card for her ITP company..haha.. then in e end is me buy alot sia.. haha cos e cards r really so damn nice n cheap!!! =p haha then went around shop shop looking for my black covered shoes for graduation n working wear.. but still, found

After tat went Lot 1 to meet up wif e sjab girls! met up wif qi first, then proceed to popular to look for Jac..e queue in popular was so damn long sia!school reopen le so many ppl buying stuffs..haha..

Then later on after Jac paid for her stuffs, we acc Jac to delifrance to meet up wif yilin..n after a while met Yoke kheng there..haha~ we went Pizza hut to eat..Alicia n Yiru came later.. we ordered e party meal.. so damn many stuffs to eat sia!!lol.. eat till me now still very very full ah!!! haha..then so we sit down there tok tok.. n snapping each other was a very interesting meet up..=) alicia is going Australia next mon.. so fast sia.. everyone is like leaving for Aus..sighs i wanna go oso leh!Lol

Aniwae dear slept early chance tok to him.. *sighs* i miss him sia.. haiz..hope tmr can get to tok to him... wanna tell him tat my work is starting earlier.. 19th of Jul.. cos today e manager called n ask me go down earlier to learn e stuffs.. haiz.. dunno gd or bad sia..haha

Eh.. here r e pics took today!!! =)

Arent my frens so sweet!?????hehehe i love my frens!!!!

we had everything11:56 PM

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Hmm.. its 3am again..duhz n my head is bloating like hell..not been feeling very well these few days..i guess its cos of e weather + my not so gd sleeping habits..haha =x

Aniwae went Bugis Pray wif my dear n his sis today..then went around shopping...was actually looking for sum stuffs for my graduation ceremony but then.. found nothing i like leh.. sianz.. aniwae saw a nice tube today..was like trying it out infront of e mirror, when e sales girl suddenly stun me by saying "only $6 loh" i was like huh? wat u toking? then she say after discount.. its $6~ haha oh.. now i get it.. n there were only 2 pieces there, so i was like flipping through, then a lady heard its $6,came n like, push me aside n pick up e tube.duhz..i was actually thinking of buying.. not really cos its $6.. but its quite sweet~ but.. haiz..nvm.. dear pull me away oso.. haha cos he dun wan me wear tat!!!lol.. damn cute sia.. haha =p

Hmm.. after shopping around aimlessly.. went back to dear's home. slack at his house, play gb.. then acc him go book in le..time wif dear is damn fast!but was so happy to be wif him these 2 days!hehe next week might not b meeting him le.. cos got family gathering..*sighs* so sad.. =( boo hoo hoo..

eh eh.. tats all for my day le loh..haha..
i think its time for bed? haha.. i really turning days to nights, n nights to day le sia!lol

aniwae heres a little quiz winnie was doing..hehe i tried it out. n this is my results~ so funny .. haha

How to make a Si Yun

1 part competetiveness

5 parts humour

5 parts leadership
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little curiosity if desired!


Personality cocktail

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

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Hmm.. one day is gone in a blink of an eye.. sighs.. time wif dear is alwaes so damn fast~dunno y.. suddenly feel a little sad..not really cos of dear is booking in..but.. haiz..hmm nvm guess shouldnt elaborate much on tat either..

Aniwae today went to look for dear..slack bout half a day at his home and went marina square to watch "Spider Man 2"~ hehe was quite an entertaining show..but i find 1 nicer leh..haha but aniwae to me both r nice.. n worth watching~ so peeps free can go catch it! =) currently waiting for e "Catwoman" & "King Authur" show.. haha seems nice on e previews.. =)

Hmm had mac for my dinner today..haha so damn long never eat le.. miss their breakfast actually..haha but im simply too lazy to wake up so early go sleeping at bout 3am++ and waking up at bout 1pm++ everydae~ a lazy bum life..~*sighs* haha.. aniwae dear bought a little "The Dog" soft toy for me.. its call "Shiba" !!haha cos he noes i like damn cute! Thanks my dear!!!

Damn.. Gb is down again sia!!!sianz.. everytime when im winning.. it hangs~ siao~ *sighs*

Hmm.. think i better rest soon too..tmr gonna go bugis pray pray wif dear~then gonna acc him go book in le.. *haiz* ppl is monday blues.. me is sun blues~~~~~~~ duhz~

Aniwae here r e pics of e doggy! hehe~

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

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Hmm.. see tat big smiley? haha nice right? found it so cute sia!lol..

Aniwae went to bee's house at bout 1++pm today.. hehe tok cock n see her white shirt..cos might b using it for my graduation can save some $$ ~ lol..
Then bout 2++pm went to lot 1 to drink *pao pao cha* hahaha..then walk around for a bout 3pm bee reminded me tat we r going to meet wanlin at jurong..haha i nearly forgotten if she dint remind me sia! hahaha

And so we proceed to meet wanlin..n went to orchard to shop shop.. find qiqi bd present.. hehe.. but e end is like me n bee bee shopping la.. lol..but bought nothing for myself..haha.. bought 1 tee for dear n bro from samuel n kevin.. cos offer..hahaha...

Hmm..after that went to wisma to shop shop..went topshop n mango..cos they r having sales.. jam pack wif ppl sia..buey da han.. wonder wats so special bout mango leh.. its like everybody snatching for it..haha..

One very interesting quote:
Be more concerned about your character than your reputation because your character is who you are and your reputation is what others think of you!

Eh.. tats all for today le loh.hehehe~
take care peeps!! gd nitez!!!!!!!!!!!

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Name:Si Yun
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