Tuesday, April 20, 2004

OH MY GOODNESS!!!did anibody heard or seen e news bout e nicoll highway collapse!?its really so shocking..it happened at round 3.30pm++ i guess..was working then..n i heard ppl walking around saying bout a bridge collapse n stuffs..thus went to check it out.. heard that e nicoll highway near golden mile collapse cos of explosion n one person died and many places like suntec, esplanade and marina square blackout..wow!!was shocked sia..thought was some terrorist attack or wat~scary~
hmm seems like blackout is kind of a trend nowadays eh..first it was e west area blackout..n now e town area~
seems like this collapse has created a great impact in singapore..news n radio are all reporting bout it now..lucky not many casualties..*sighs* i think this is e most happening news this yr~
aniwae peeps if u r interested in e news...go to this link:

hmm aniwae here are some of e damages of e bridge..guess it will really take a very long time to recover.....

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

*wow* yesterdae was the first time i was really in a total darkness!ceartain areas like bt panjang,teck whye,choa chu kang,woodlands,Jalan behar(is this e way to spell it?haha) and some parts of jurong east were affected. This blackout lasted for about 1 hr *gosh* i was jus ready to sleep on my comfortable bed when the electricity suddenly stopped!!The lights were down,the Tv was down..n the fan was down too and i heard my sis yelling outside in the living room..haha!!!The darkness was like even when u stetch ur hand outwards~ u cant even see it..!!lucky i got my nokia 3200 flashlight~*ta dah* haha~ at least this cheapo phone came into use during this darky moments.~haha n so i quickly on e lights~ n help to light up e house while my dad tried to light some candles.. =)
Hmm cant imagine wat will life be wif no electricity sia~It was SO DAMN HOT yesterdae...tat i almost melted~was actually thinking about wat was actually happening yesterdae~"has e terriost started their attacks on us?""did some part of the power plant suffer a explosion?"haha wierd thoughts really came into my mind sia~but the heat actaully made me forget bout those dumb imaginations~
Aniwae saw the news jus now..
NEWS:"it was reported that this blackout was the worst throughout the 10 yrs.About 80 000 households were affected and areas affected includes bt panjang, tech whye, choa chu kang, woodlands, Jalan behar, certain parts of jurong and NUS. This whole blackout actually lasted about 1 hr. And the cause is due to a short circuit in the choa chu kang power plant or station?(dunno wat is tat called). they are still investigating the issue. Aniwae its was review that the power station can withstand power trips but not 100% n yesterdae incident happened too fast for it to be stopped.
Many people were shouting when the electricity suddenly came to a stop and the PUB(i think) recieved about 2700++ phone calls. Ppl were walking around wif touches n candles and the road was oso pitch dark thus vehicles on the road can only use their headlights to guide them thorugh~ NUS students were oso affected due to the no lights scenario as they have to study for their exams. Also, there are ppl who tried to rob during this blackout. Lucky no ppl were harmed

Wow..hope this kinda thing dun happen again wor..scary~haha~
Ppl muz cherish electricity oh!haha~

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hmm...a lazy day..never went work today cos i was feeling really sick..having a really bad cough n a stupid flu...too tired to go work either..haha..aniwae went to cck polyclinic to c doc..haha finally!its been such a long while ever since i went to e doc..hmm got a cough syrup n some pills for e flu..n i think its a total of $10.80..hmm muz b wondering y i go so far to c doc eh?haha..hmm..another reason to go there find Jac..cos i have owe her a birthdae present for so damn long!!aniwae girl hope u like it..!!!hehe
Hmm we tok a while at jac's place..n after tat we went to lot 1 4 a little walk walk..hehe Jac treat me a big packet of candies from mini toons..actually was not supposed to eat them cos i was down wif a bad cough.~but e candies r jus so tempting!!haha oops =x btw thanks Jac for ur candies!!!!!!!!Hmmm we took 1 neoprint today too..posing wif our delicious candy~haha here it is..!!

oso..hehe this is a masterpiece which is did by wai..he made use of my pics n created this!!hehee..so nice!!thanks wai~

hmm i guess its e end of my day..haha jus taken medicine not long ago..feel tired le..hehe i go hav a rest le..take care peeps k!?dun get sick!!!n drink more water!!!!!

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Monday, April 12, 2004

Current 's state:

heee~ went to jac's blog n saw it full of smilies..find them so cute!!!i love e kaos exspecially!!!!!!!!!its sooooooo sweet n cute!!!!!!!hehe thanks Jac for sharing me wif me..will add them in my blog next time!!hehehe..aniwae now in office..very very tired..mayb its cos of e flu n cough ba...its making me giddy..*yawns* haha..my in charge oso ask me take MC..but MC cost $$$$$$$ hahahaha i very e "giao" hor..lol~~~aniwae here r some of e kaoz smilies..hehehee so cutttttttttteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!i love them so much!!!haha ~

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

haha here i am changed my blogskin again~ hehe this blogskin reminds me of nursery rhymes...wow how time flies..haha..aniwae been resting at home since yesterdae..*sighs* holiday n yet i have to stay at home..haha y?cos im sick..down wif a fever~ zzz..the highest record is 38.5 degree..n i was like *gong*gong* sia..but now finally getting better after all those pandols..herbal tea..water n all those sweating..n the degree has dropped to 36.9...zzz this is definately not a good holiday for me..*sighs* been getting sick real easily..haha y???i guess its e half a bar of fruit n nut chocolate i ate yesterdae~haha i got a real bad habit..tat is when i dun feel happy..i will eat alot..especially chocolates~n perhaphs tats y im alwaes down wif a fever~
Aniwae thanks girls for ur concern!!!es Jac, bee n win!!Thanks~
So sorry Jac~ hope to see ya soon during our next meeting wif e sjab girls!hehee i miss those fun!!!
Aniwae do take care all my frens~ dun b a sick baby like me~*sighs* i wanna go out!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

dunno y~ been feeling e kind of emptiness once again~*wat have i been missing?hmm im not too sure either..life is jus so systematic..eat..sleep..wake up late..then go work..off work mayb go for dinner wif sumone n tats e end of my day..wanna plan sumthing interesting..but often not within my ability..*sighs* y do i get nothing when i expect sumthing..n when i dun expect animore..sumthing will come to me?life is jus not up to one to decide..isnt it?from a strong,bubbly girl..to a fragile n useless piece of crap..i jus feel so damn useless..zzz..no aims in life..n i cant even make a simple decision..flickled minded..*sucks* when chances r given..its not cherished..but chances r gone..u can c e effort coming..*sighs*when u treat sumone unimportant..e person will treat u sumone who is impt...but when u start to treat tat person impt..the person might start to neglect u..wats life about??i really dun understand.. life's jus never easy.. when u wan sumthing.. u dun get it..when u dun need it animore it will come back to u..
i have learn alot..n experienced alot through these mths..i told myself tat no matter wat i hav to learn to b strong..never let problems hit me down..but instead i hav to knock them off..its alwaes easier said than done..*sighs* im getting crappy..im getting sick..
n tmr all these r gonna repeat all over again.................................

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Hmm...hehe this is a new hua chi creation by me..zzzz..too bo liao eh?haha...aniwae today was my first hair cutting lesson!!finally got to cut hair!!!hehee..so happy~ but today only simple simple style..hehe that is cut "ping zhuang" which means all straight~hehe..aniwae hehe we alwaes thought tat cutting hair straight is e most easy..cos jus take one big bunch n jus cut one line across..or jus cup a bowl n cut across...but hmm no no no..its not as simple as it seems..it takes alot of time n effort to make those hair straight..haha n guess wat?i spend bout 1 hr to cut e whole head..haha who dare let me try!?lai lai lai...lol aniwae oso dunno y got a sudden interest in hair styling..hehe..but its really interesting.. =) enjoy myself very much..but really testing my patience sia..~ aniwae went to watch huanted mansion on monday~hehe quite interesting..a very corny show..but aniwae hehe its a long long time show le..think new ones r coming up..haha~ me now waiting for e show "Hell boy" dunno nice anot~hehee~*yawns* very shack sia..tml still gonna work....*arrghhh* sianz.................. i jus cant imagine life after ITP..zzzzzzz

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