Saturday, February 28, 2004

wow..its really strange to see me blogging at this time of e day eh..i guess its e earliest time i started blogging..haha
aniwae was supposed to b going out sumwhere..wif sumbody..but nvm~*sighs* aniwae..feeling very down now..*sighs* i jus hate myself.haha not again?haiz.z.nvm dun say le..
aniwae..been in a rather sucky luck recently..sighs..on thurs(26/2/04) went orchard shopping wif kah bee..bought a black cadigan..for $10..cos workplace very cold.hehe..aniwae actually i hav a hip shop kappa sweater from wai on wed le..haha but jus feel like buying..hehe..been in a liking for long sleeves recently..haha but for singapore weather..i think i better drop e idea..aniwae ok..heres a very "interesting" encounter of bee n me at orchard that day..
was actaully walking along orchard down to heeren..toking to bee..n as we r reaching heeren..a funny n wierd uncle look at bee..n he was actaully walking towards OG..but instead turn back n followed us in to heeren..DUHZZz wierd right..aniwae ok..might b thinking we may b mistaken right?ok..nvm e story carries on..this uncle suddenly walk very fast..n got very close to us..hmm but i never c..i only realise until kah bee suddenly back off when we r near e escalator..then e uncle suddenly jerk away from us..heading for e escalator which is heading down..haha..pengs right?then he turn back look at us n quickly change to e heading up escalator..tat dumb ass was looking at us..all e way up e escalator..then bee was like scare scare dun dare walk near him..haha she stopped sumwhere n i was walking without was until i turn around n saw e uncle then i notice bee was aniwae tat uncle was staring at me at this time..dunno stare wat i tiao him..then he quickly look away..n went into basic beauty~Duhz..wierd right?then after tat we continue our shopping..n no matter where we go..we will c tat uncle..hes like following us everywhere..Zzz..damn scary..actually at first i was not scare de..but after being followed for sumtime..i was tat uncle siao?yucks..he was like following us..walking into those shops for ladies whenever we stare at him..trying to pretend he is shopping??a damn lousy sucky faker..haha..but aniwae while he is like bz hiding here hiding there..bee n me hurrily speeded shaken him off sia~scare us till mao leng han~if he follow us home then jia lat sia!
aniwae another incident..went to a lexmark colleague 21st bd party yesterdae at east coast.. n e trip there taking cab was $4.10..ok jus to let u all noe e cost~ =p aniwae stayed at the party till bout 10.45pm..n wai was there waiting to see bee n me to e mac to take cab...cos today still got bee n me went to get a cab near e MAC heading home....aniwae was kinda wierd the taxi uncle pick us up instead of e ppl in front..but to us we thought we r lucky..haha but still...e story hasnt end yet.. =x aniwae e uncle drives us here n there..but still never reach bedok mrt..n e meter was like already $ bee n me started to wonder..after tat he drives past those kinda private ppl..summore dark dark..then we started to panic..cos dunno where he wanna drive us i called up wai telling him bout it..n its really wierd loh..when i called him..n told him e taxi no..we finally reached bedok mrt~n e fare was $5.90~sucks right?more ex than jus wonder he pick us up instead of those ppl infront cos we seem more easier to chop..actually intend to gif him a scolding..but cos so late le..dun wan create trouble..n e uncle seems scary..we jus get off e taxi..

*sighs* y i so shuey de..haha i should say y bee n me so shuey...aniwae today assembled 5 pcs!!hehe so proud of myself..but got a lot of small small casing cuts..washin hands time very pain =( hands not nice le!!! Boo Hooo hOoo...haha..aniwae haiz used to it..aniwae i think tats all for today..if u read till here~congrats!!hehe cos u r e most patient person~ to read my boring script till here..hehe

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

wah super sianz...been slacking for e past one hr... (-_-) ZZZZZzzz...all technicians r out..n kian lee e joker is on MC!!!Grr~~how am i gonna survive e next few hrs till 6pm~~?? =( sianz..bzz times r super BZzz...slacking times..r super slack.....YAWNS~aniwae...was surfing around jus now..n found these nice pics of S.H.E!!!arent they sweet!??!?i love their songs..n i love them!!!!!!! wahahahahha

this is e clips..hehe arent they cute?!!!!!!! =p

aniwae sianz..e moment i say slack got many things to do whole lump of RMA jus came to work le!!take care peeps...hope ya all enjoy these pics n clips.. =p

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

wow..many days never blog le..y?basically cos im very very tired..haha..aniwae though tired..i hav difficulty sleeping everynight... is getting more n more restless.. actually plan to take my in due off next mon de..but im jus too lazy n tired..tat i took it on mon..arrghh y i dun hav endurance de..! =( grr...n though rested for one so tired..
y am i alwaes so tired??? jus like a
aniwae recently been bz wif e same old stuffs..assembling servers..installing drivers n stuffs..if got free time then slack n surf e net..hehe..i almost everydae got read ppl blogs de..haha pengs very kpo peeps do update ur blogs regularly..!! =)
aniwae nothing much happened recently..only a few downs.. for me..haha..but ok la all quite minor as its like already part of my
*yawns*...gosh im yawning again!!not again!!! supervisor alwaes ask me.."y u alwaes yawn de ah?" haha so damn pai sey sia..i told him cos "theres not enough oxygen to e brain ma.." hehe..dunno if its true anot..wai alwaes told me tat
aniwae i guess tats all for now.. see ya peeps! =) n take care not gd..many ppl falling take gd care of urself oh..n for those who is having exams or labtest..GD LUCK!!! =) hope all of u can graduate wif flying colours.. =) yeah man!!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 20, 2004

oh its..another day~ im dead tired..tml still got to work..*yawns* sianz to work till next sat...continuous work 2 weeks..i think i will b collapsing soon.. recently got many we got many things to assemble n install...there r 1 4u server...5 3u 6 servers..n we rush it n finished assembling them today..tml gonna install e OS, drivers n stuffs le..haha i feel tat im becoming more n more of a comp im bullshitting..jus heck care =p aniwae still got 16 PCs pending..gonna assemble till siao assemble one server already got myself many wounds..ganna cut by casing..ganna poke by fingers gotten trapped in e wood..when i was shifting it to one side when closing e shop..sianz hands r getting more n more ugly wif those litle wounds here n there~~ so man!!!!!!!lol..aniwae im getting more n more clumsy..*sighs**yawns* my body is aching.... /me stretches.. =p hmm been having mood swings recently..but overall is not happy..dunno y..sianz..too much stress?haiz i oso dunno..arRgghh..i needa loosen up!!im going crazy.. =( hmm think i jus go n ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz .. n tml will b a better day!!!!! gd nitez peeps!

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

hehee yoo here again..damn tired..had been bz these 2 days..haha really is cannot say slack one sia..e moment i say it..many things to do liao..aniwae build one server today...stress~haha but still completed it la..aniwae took a few pics during e bz hrs today..hehe

haha this is e server im building today..!haha e cables bit messy cos haven tidy them up!sianz..still got 4 more all this type of machines waiting to b assembled..(-_-)

and..this is e place i slack messy right??haha.. =p cos i never tidy it~ =x

and this is e NAS(network attached storage) im toking about..
haha pengs right everyday see all these..but heng my colleagues all not bad..=)
hmm sianz..aniwae got to work on this sat n sun..cos sim lim got a stupid roadshow..think starting tml..but still not yet brief us..*yawns* Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

aniwae tats it for today!!hehe take care peeps...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

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hahaha~ doing quizzes again~anibody got ani nice quizzes to introduce?hehe so tat i can do it when im slacking??lol~aniwae very sianz..jus eatened my lunch not long ago..went to those cafeteria opp sim lim tower to eat wif my colleague.I ordered prawn mee noodle soup..n he ordered chicken rice..hehe aniwae say me sua gu la...haha but i really find his chicken rice cute..cos e rice was in a ball...hehe so cute..not like those kinda rice we ate~ aniwae it was yummy..cos i took some of his to try..hiak hiak~...can try..e cafeteria is jus opp another coffee shop named long ting..hehe rather wu lu.. =p
aniwae..feel free to drop me taggy~take care peeps...!!!!

hehe was surfing e web..n found this babies pics..arent they cute!??????????

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Monday, February 16, 2004

hehe...jus change the blogskin of mine!!nice anot leh?!?!?aniwae found this nice midi sumwhere~~ e zhang na la song..hehe is this how its spell??eh not sure..but its like keep on repeating de pls dun get too frustrated..haha.. =p
aniwae so wats up for me this few days??haha nothing really special..aniwae valentine day for me was rather plain this yr..cos i stayed at home for e whole day..n wai came n look for me..aniwae got 3 bouquets n 1 rose this yr..!hehe 2 bouquets were from my gd buddies yanling n kah bee..hehe they r jus so sweet of u girls~~ *muacks* aniwae another 1 is from wai..n e rose is from ming..=) specially wrap by him de..hmm sighs..wat e hell is getting into me..y am i still so undecisive..?y y y?grrrrrrr...causing hurt n pain to ppl round me.. =( *sighs* i feel so GRRRR...
aniwae was doing one whole lot of RMA today..tat is ppl send faulty hdd to me..n when e faulty hdd come back im supposed to arrange n call them up...zzz do till i wanna sleep sia~ aniwae went to eat hokkien mee n oyster eggie at e market wif wai jus damn full..!!becoming a real fatty pig to cut down on eating..!!!shit..haha aniwae *yawns* tired...
gtg..take care peeps..feel free to tag me..haha cos i read them when im working too!lol... =p

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

*yUm*yuM* hehe guess wat?im eating chilli fishball right now..haha so late still eat..glutton right?lol..aniwae so wats up for me these few days..actually oso nothing much la..hehe most recent one is last sat(7/2/04) went to expo for e body world exhibition wif ming..cos went there at bout 6+ so e admission fee is $9,half of e original price which is $18..haha hua suan right?aniwae it was really a very fasinating experience for me..cos the body there all look really neat~haha neat??yeah neat..cos they actually cut up those bodies so neatly tat u can see layer by e skin..then muscles..then nerves..blood vessels..bones..etc etc..a really nice exhibition..a should see rating!aniwae its been extended till 21/3/04 so hurry down if u dun wanna gif it a miss.but aniwae too bad tat e half price promo no more if u go now its actaully e original price.. =) hmm oso yesterdae i went to participate in a exchange prog organise by e youth group of a community center..which is some sort of a interaction between us singaporean..n japanese from Iwate..~hehe its really a very nice experience..cos u get to noe ppl from outside singapore..hehe aniwae they were really nice they r jus so kawaii!!!!!!! =) aniwae e prog goes like this..firstly buffet dinner n a short interaction session..then fan dance organise by e tai ji group from e cc..after tat home visit to two of e volunteers..=)n after e home visit..theres a short KTV session..haha ktv..u might think its fun..but too bad..its all old songs cos its for e cc ktv club..which r more for aunites n uncles.. =x aniwae we were actually asked to sing a song for e jap..haha guess wat!?i was chosen..(-_-) scare till i shiver sia..cos never practise one..jus pt n up i go.. (-_-) aniwae e only song which i noe is chu jie by bo bian sang this wif bee n yanling..haha cos i scare to go up alone..n so drag them up as well..haha =p thanks girls..hao jie mei..=p aniwae *yawns* im so tired....nearly doze off at work today..haha..hope my hair faster dry..then can hav a gd rest~n a better tml! nitez peeps~~

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

hmm jus backed home not long ago..went to clementi party world wif bee n her cousin(zai zai),edwin,n ah pig(hokkien) haha...hmm we booked e slot from 6pm to 9pm..n i joined them bout 7pm cos i only ended work at 6pm..hehe..aniwae 3 hrs was not enough for e three of them..cos they keep on wanting to sing more,more n more...n so we extended one more hr..aniwae e 4 hrs there was interesting n fun..haha cos they keep on making funny voices n jokes which make bee n me laugh till we nearly roll on e floor..haha they really r potential =x oops jus joking..hehe..aniwae had a great time singing today..cos long time never go KTV le..too bad its very late bo bian we jus hav to stop..haha..hmm im jus wondering how on earth am i gonna wake up tml..cos my hair is still damn wet!uh oh..tats e ma fan of long hair..haha..but bo sui is like tat =p aniwae..been doing nothing at work place today..cos both e technician n supervisor r out for servicing..haha spend e whole day slacking n talking crap wif my colleague...=p hiak hiak...think tml will b a bz day le..cos we did nothing today n think all will b dragged till tml to hmm..tats all for my day..take care everyone! =)

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Monday, February 02, 2004 days passed...3 days of rest days are gone in a wink** =( so sad..i wanna rest more!!!!!haha guess im getting more lazier.. =p aniwae yesterdae was a rest day for me..stay at home be a gd gd girl for e whole day..hiak hiak..n as for today went to west mall wif bee bee..hehe kuai le bei now having a a cup of bubble tea..can get a packet of spicy chicken for $1.50..hehe its yummy!!! can gif it a try.. =p hehe thinking of it now makes me hungry again..GRR..hmm aniwae today we watched e last samurai too..its a really nice show..touching..sad n exciting..its definately a show worth watching!but hmmm..a little bit violent blood splashing here n there as if its free..n heads dropping...but if u dun mind ani of tat...go watch it!!!! =) hehe...*yawns* tml got to work again more public holiday all e way is work work work work work........................*ARGGhhhhh *sighs*

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

mmm...*smells nice* hehe...cos im jus out of bath room..backed not long ago from my sec class 4E3 gathering..hehe aniwae we were all at shu hui's condo BBQ-ing today...actaully supposed to help out..haha but in e end reached at bout 4+ pai sey girls..hope u all dun mind..aniwae others were supposed to meet at 6pm at toa payoh mrt control..but the guys were late!!!they reached at bout 6.30pm n reached e condo at bout 6.40pm!! so damn hungry!haha..but nvm many of us cleared e tibits it was really bad for e fire starting..cos no one bother to help (-_-) we waited for one another..n finally zi hao n vincent came forward to help..haha but i guess its jus our luck..e fire jus wont start~grrr...we started BBQ-ing only at bout 8pm..cos its till tat time then e charcoal started to burn.. (-_-) pengs i was hungry till...not hungry think its cos e charcoal was light ba?they said tat charcoal need to b heavy in order to burn well.. aniwae..dint eat much..haha e things i eat r countable sia..1 chicken wing..2 hotdogs..1 crabstick...4 satays...n some agar agar.. + some =p at first was damn hungry de..but cos started late..ended up not hungry liao..aniwae..we cleared up at bout 11+ cos e security guard wans us to clear e place so as to not to disturb e residents there...aniwae had a nice catching up session wif e girls today..and as for e guys..haha..they r like talking among aniwae nvm..*yawns* to wait for hair to dry... hope drying soon....then can Zzzzz le..aniwae anibody got gd phones reccomend?thinking of buying a new hp..

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