Sunday, December 21, 2003

how time flies..e holiday is coming to an end soon..n christmas is coming!Ho ho ho...aniwae wats up for me these days?nothing really special happened..but went to Zouk on fri (19/12) cos it was e gatsby event n bee's fren had e tix to go went there wif her frens to hav sum fun.. duhzz..e moment we reached there it was like people mountain people sea ..pengs i nearly suffocated man..fighting for air to lucky never faint there if not sia shuey finally at last we were allowed to go in after bout half an hr plus of waiting..n waiting..haha...but...haizz went in so wat??its still ppl mountain ppl sea inside..grrr...feel like leaving then..but bo bianz..wait for so long le so stay see whether will hav anithing fun later =p hmm puture dancefloor was jam packed wif ppl..duhzz..n it was like playing bumble car inside..suffocating wif all those smoke~(-__-) sianz man..dunno is i shuey or wat..i ganna kick by e waiter there n there fourth nail crack n bleed!shit it!it was so damn was e same area i ganna kicked when i went 2 S.H.E qian ming hui tat time..GRR it took so long to grow back n now its gone again..*sobs* pain pain..n wats worst is after a while when i was trying to get out of puture..a girl kick my toes again!*ouch* gosh!i pushed her away..n guess wat i guess its too pain..tat i squeezed her breasts i dint even notice..*oops* i quickly let go..haha pengs she dun even care..~n walked away..but haiz of cos la..e more painful one is me n not her ma.....*sighs* waiting for e nail to grow back again.......

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Monday, December 15, 2003

been sleeping rather late lately..or should i say early?haha cos been sleeping at bout 3, 4am +..haha power eh!?cant bring myself to sleep..hmm though sleep so "early" but can get up at bout 10+ 11+..haha not even 8 hrs of sleep!!!am i becoming a super woman!?lol..hmm my sleeping habits needa be changed i guess...cos will b going for ITP real....soon....ARRGHHH thinking of it makes me yawns..ZZzz.. jus plain lazy!hmm aniwae today went out for a little shopping wif bee..we went Jurong pt n e pasar malams at JP n Lot 1..hmm nothing there actually..pasar malams r getting more n more boring..Zzz...aniwae bee bought a red floral dress at JP...very nice n girly which i feel suits her alot..hehe..she asked me 2 go try 1 figure?haha not really suitable for this kinda dress...cos no shen cai..haha gotta train abit aniwae..i bought one bareback basic shirt 2..only for $9..haha actually is $9.90 de..but cos tat cashier sotong sotong gif me wrong change..i got extra $0.90.. =x hehe shhh..shhh... =p hmm...tats all for life is so simple right?lol..simple girl...simple life...wahahaha

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hmm..a very rainy day..same as how i feel..haizz..days passed rather slowly these spended a wasted trip to school..haiz all becos e FYP lecturer bai wu long...he mistakened e meaning of his stupid school mail..we were actually asked to go to school for a photo taking session n to clear come FYP stuffs...but in e end when we reached..e lecturers told us that it is not us whom they wanna meet..its e new batch of 3rd yr students...sianzz...feel like fainting then..wasted my time all e way down to school..haizz..after e stupid wu classmates n i went to foodcourt 3 to eat might b e last time we eating in school???how time already a 3rd yr student n is graduating soon if my ITP goes on smoothly...SIANZ..old liao..aniwae after that went to outram wif rom to buy his leather shoes for his ITP from mer auntie's shop..haha mer was working at e fair outside e chinatown MRT station..hehe they r selling some really unique peranakan shoes..those interested can go take a look..hehe... =)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Woo..nice weather wats up for me these few days?haha as usual..nothing special..aniwae..went KTV wif bee..lin...n qi..yesterdae..hmm we went k-ster..e newly opened one..n e charges is rather cheap..$7.50 per person..6 drinks and a bowl of potato chips...wif e $10 discount coupon..haha..but..hmm compare to cha ren..or k box..i think there is still room for improvement..cos i personally think their song dedicating software sucks a we still needa use e mouse..!but aniwae still we enjoy e 5 hrs there.. =) hmm after that we went for a little shopping around round 8+pm lin n qi headed home..hmm still early n i dun really wished to go home bee n me proceeed to meet up wif her cousin n frens for a movie..hmm we watched master n commander?hope e show name is cos i never really pay attention to e movie..this is a show bout fighting between two war ships?something like tat?i dun aniwae cos it ended rather late..bee n me took a cabbie home wif her cousin n i went to bee's house to stay overnight..dunno y..i dun like e kind of lonliness which i feel sometimes at night..haiz..wierd right i hav this kinda feelings?hmm..i dunno..haiz

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Friday, December 05, 2003

hmm so boring..been so aimless these few job..nothing much for me to do..haizz..haha stay at home seems so lifeless sia..lucky wai tml not working..can acc me le..!!Lol =p dunno if theres any exciting movies these days..sianzz...everytime exams period got lots of nice shows..but not during e holidays..y y y?? Grrr... waiting for tml.... hiak hiak.. =p aniwae tagboard n stuffs r at the right of e pg..hehe muz scroll right then can see...hehee..hope all of u can find it..this blogskin very cute right..?hehe been surfing aimlessly..n found it...!!nice music.. =p

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Thursday, December 04, 2003 was really rushy day..haha cos lin had to b in school for a discussion thingy n yesterdae night me n qi ton at lin's house...n we three little pigs actaully got up rather late hehe..!!lin was late!!uh oh..!n then we begin to rush here n yesterdae night at lin's house was fun..hehe we had lots of jokes n laughter...played wif lin's younger sis too..shes jus so cute!!!loves to imitate ppl..n it was absolutely funny..haha was laughing till tears nearly roll out of my eyes man..also..we played 3 ppl majong..jus anihow play play..n qi was jus not in e luck..cos she lost some money to me n lin..=x hmm lucky we play small not much lost to her..hmm only bout 3 hrs of sleep yesterdae...rather tired to go pack my books n notes which is wasting e space on my table..hehe got to gif it to ming next week... =)
sianzz..been attached to sim lim square for my ITP..Taknet(company's name) dunno wat shop is that..haiz seems like my working life is alwaes shao bu liao sim jus hope everything will go on smoothly for me..........

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Monday, December 01, 2003

4 days of expo sitex show..damn tiring!!!i seem to b out of e world..!!cos everydae 7+am got to wake up..n reached home at bout 12am!!!(-_-) life is so routine for this 4 days...haha..wake up work..finished work go home sleep..imagine more than 10 hrs of work everydae..n e pay is so pathetic..haiz.z.sales was really bad for luck i guess..lucky there has been many really nice colleagues around to help me n motivate me..if not life at expo would b really bad..haha..sales was rather slow n lifeless on thurs..but during sat n sun...WOW!its so damn damn aggressive..everyone was like fighting a battle..fierce man~haha...but still alright last 4 days over..but haiz wats up for now?jobless... =(

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