Tuesday, November 25, 2003

WoW..! today went for e briefing for e Sitex show...though e pay is rather low..but still..better than nothing to do..hmm quite excited bout e show after e training jus now..haha~was at raffles mrt gathered wif e rest of e ppl working there...regardless of weekdays or weekends..haha so damn many ppl..like go bia zui!lol...aniwae e training was rather enriching..hope can get a no of sales then..haizz...suddenly feel a little bit of stress hope i dun get a zeRo sale..!haha

we had everything1:16 AM
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hmm...this is a new blog of mine..hehe nice template???? =) been trying to get a new image for my blog..n find tat this is e right one!!hehe daring red...not my style..but dunno y kinda like this when i first saw it..hmm long time never blog le...brand new blog...brand new start...haha... =) really regreted never learn HTML..haha jus found out that its so FUN!!hehe been playing wif my new bloggy these 2 days hehehe...nice???got help from wanlin to put in e picture...n midi sound..haha...sianz..im so so so dumb..!!!put in coding oso muz paste so long to make e format correct~lol~ aniwae hope tat my new blog layout n design is nice n not painful to ur eyes...!!hehe... =p

we had everything11:15 PM


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